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Viktor Larionov
✈️ Club Mentor
With over 15 years' experience with major venture capital funds in Singapore, Hong Kong and London, Viktor has overseen numerous investments in the tech sector.
Augustin 2M
🚀Club Admin
Co-Founder (GG Community) Expert in startups scaling, innovation management and go to market strategy.
🚀Club Admin
Co-Founder (GG Community) Expert in community building, networking and IT industry.
Ksenia Drobyshevskaya
🚀Club Admin
Country Admin for CryptoMondays Meetups & Advisor in Investment management.
Christopher Fabre
✈️ Club Mentor
CEO (Maxiweb) & Community Founder (Gladiateurs) Expert in emaling, lead generation and web marketing.
Chantal Lang
✈️ Club Mentor
YouTuber and founder of, expert in fundamental analysis for crypto assets.
Vincent Lappartient
🛩️Club Member
Serial Entrepreneur, founder of Quantads, 15+ years in consulting, marketing, and business transformation, specializing in data-driven customer acquisition and marketing optimization.
Guilhem Maffre Baugé
🛩️Club Member
Entrepreneur, Worked in Medtech, was ex-Head of General Medicine Business at Bayer.
Jonathan Lachkar
🛩️Club Member
Entrepreneur, Worked at Amazon. Expert in deep tech project development.
Alexandra Mottet
🛩️Club Member
Co-CEO, Expert in lead generation in the senior market
Leonie Ngyuen
🛩️Club Member
CBDO of a DePin Startup. Expert in IoT and blockchain, Léonie Nguyen has a wide network in Asia and in VC/Fundraising
Alan Ducatez
✈️ Club Mentor
CEO Prception Expert in content creation (Podcast studio rental. Ex CEO of Digital Business Club.

CEO Club activities

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Entrepreneur Story | Maxime Lee

With :

Maxime Lee


CEO Club
July 18, 2024

Open discussion on how to scale your business ? Case of Maxime in the building management with IA

🔒 Members Only
VIP Dinner | Founders & VCs | Building the Web3 Infrastructure | EthCC [7]

With :


CEO Club, GG Community, OVH Cloud, Nodes International
July 9, 2024

VIP Dinner at EthCC 7 in the heart of Brussels on July 9th, 2024!

Hosted by the GG Community's CEO Club, this event is a must-attend for tech leaders, VCs, C-Levels, Web3 experts, media, and entrepreneurs passionate about Web3 infrastructure. ​Dive into engaging discussions on cloud storage, DePin, staking, nodes, data storage, security, protocols, and mining with some of the brightest minds in the industry Sponsored by OVH Cloud (Europe's #1 cloud storage company and ​Nodes International (Nodes 3rd biggest validator).

🟢 Open
6e Soirée Privée des Pros de la Tech | GG Community

With :


GG Community
July 2, 2024

Vous voulez réseauter avec des professionnels de la Tech lever des fonds ou faire connaissance avec des experts ? La soirée Spéciale ENTREPRENEURS ET PROS de la TECH revient !

6e Soirée Privée des Pros de la Tech | GG Community| Pitch Your Business

💳 Free for Members

With :

Ulyssse Elsherbeeny


Gladiateurs, CEO Club
June 26, 2024

Ulysse, coach sportif va témoigner et donner les clés pour performer en tant qu'entrepreneur

On va parler sport, nutrition, mais aussi clarté mentale, gestion du stress - Sur l'aspect perso - Sur le business Ulysse dévoilera la liste des 20 % d'actions qui provoquent 80% des bénéfices

🔒 Members Only
CEO Club Private Dinner

With :


CEO Club
June 19, 2024

Le rendez vous mensuel des membres du CEO Club pour réseauter et présenter son activité

Diner privé pour les membres et les mentors du CEO Club

🔒 Members Only



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We all want to build a solid customer base.

We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our business and find interesting prospects.


We focus on building relationships, customer base and capital!

Let's get straight to the point ! At a professional level, we have 3 obsessions in mind to get ahead : Clients, Capital, and Connections.

Or in others words, generating revenue, raise funds or invest in assets, and networking.

Joining the CEO Club is one of the best ways to work on these 3Cs.


We're here to build life capital.

Whether it's investing in ourselves, in investment assets or in fundraising, we're all here to invest in our future.


We are motivated to expand our business relationships.

We value strong relationships and quality contacts.


CEO Club is a global community of valued members


Entrepreneurs and leaders must network to perform.

Tech Leaders often feel isolated even among friends, family, and colleagues.

CEO Club helps leaders to stick with fast pace thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs !


Tech Leaders no longer follow old locals networks.

Lifestyles are changing. Today, anyone can access knowledge and create a unicorn with a simple PC on the other side of the world!

CEO Club is a gateway to grow your business at a global scale.


Tech Leaders want to meet and learn from people as the same level or higher

When you connect digitally or physically to other people, you never really know who the person in front of you is.

CEO Club is the place to meet the right person to create valuable outputs !


We are a club based on mutual aid, proximity and openness.


We share best practices and move forward together.


We value simplicity, stright forwardness, and direct human realtionships


We accept that opportunities can come from anywhere or anyone.

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